Most you've ever won on a scratch ticket?


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Pretty self-explanatory. How much have you ever won on a single state-lottery scratch ticket?

The most I've ever won was $100 (which I have won two or three times). However, I watched my mother scratch a $10,000 one before.



Nefarious Kaizoku Capt'n
Most I've ever won was $20 just last weekend on a 10 Grand Card. Got all of the values to be the winning number which is something I didn't expect at all^^; But I bet I have gotten over $70 by now since alot of the tickets I get I win a buck or two or five.


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I've never won, but my mom won like 5 bucks, which she spent on more tickets, which she lost at:D

I think I posted a link somewhere about some guy who won a car and 250k...
I've won like $15... I guess if you have some extra money it can be fun to buy a ticket, but those people who buy tickets in the hopes of actually living off them... they're deluded. The system is designed to make you lose money, only an incredibly tiny amount of people win appreciable sums from it and it's made up for by the fact that so many people don't win.


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I also live in Massachusetts, which has one of if not the best state lottery in the country. Very good payout.


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Something I can't say for North Carolina ><; U lose more money than u get and mostly u just get the money back u spent which someone always goes back and buy more tickets with, which never works -_-; Though South Carolina gives u some pretty nice small sums though that can make u pretty happy for days^^;


the most i've ever won on a single scratch ticket was probably 100 on an out of state lottery ticket...from rhode for in state...probably 20 at most on a single ticket.
I'm not allowed to buy scratch tickets. But my mother used to buy scratch tickets and then my mom let me scratch those tickets. The most my mother won was 5 euros.