Most worthless OS for it's time?


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Well everyone knows that over the years Microsoft has released some really dumb operating systems that costed them a lot of money and they didn't make much profit if any.

I don't know about Macs since I don't and never have had one so remember that I am not talking about macs in any way when voting.

I would definitely say that Windows M.E. was the worst operating system for it's time, it wasn't really good for anything that 98 couldn't do, it was basically an ever so slightly updated version of Windows 98 and it had a different name.

what does everyone think?

Anjiru Ookami

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I vote for Vista being the worst.

Somehow Microsoft MANAGES to make windows crash even more than XP, or even 98, it manages to make it crash more! On every computer my family owns! Regardless of quality. ISN'T IT JUST AMAZING?! 8D

We own about 6.
My brother has 1, new computer, almost perfect condition, new, hot off the press type thing.
My mother, crappy Toshiba laptop, windows makes it worse.
Me, I own a deskptop, and a old 6 year laptop, but my laptop runs in far better condition than any of the other computers cause it's Linux and not Windblows. :3 (The only problem is the occassional overheating when you run over 15 large overbearing programs that wish to rape my computer of its CPU.)
My cousin owns a desktop from Emachines aswell as me.
My aunt owns an Versa E680.


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I find that with each new release of the Mac OS X my computers run better with it installed then with the previous version of the software. So, why is this not the case for Windows? I have to vote for Windows Vista being the worst OS from the OS's I have used...

Windows 95
Windows 98
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows Vista

I would like to try out a Linux distribution just to get that out of the way.

PS: what is the difference between a Quick Reply and a Reply?

Anjiru Ookami

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I would like to try out a Linux distribution just to get that out of the way.

PS: what is the difference between a Quick Reply and a Reply?
I recommend trying Linux, in fact try a couple. The differences are amazing with each.

A quick reply is less loading for your internet, and if you're inpatient less waiting for you. :3


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I think Windows ME is the worst of them all and XP is the best Windows OS.

I really like Ubuntu Linux but I can't get it to install properly on my desktop because it has dual monitors. I dont' really like Fedora Linux.


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yeah dual monitors can cause a problem for anything that isn't windows or mac.


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I'll go with Windows M.E. as well. It was ahead of its' time actually but it made more problems than it solved. XP took over where M.E. failed and it was very successful.

I'm still undecided on whether or not Vista is the M.E. of the new generation of operating systems. From what I've heard it is pretty good but I don't think an upgrade from XP is necessary for many people at all right now. The difference from 98 to M.E. wasn't that great and neither is the jump from XP to Vista.

I still might buy Vista soon because I think it will fix some problems I've been having lately.


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Windows ME was definitely total fucking garbage. Vista's better, but it's still pretty bad. I mostly hate it due to the fact that it uses a ton more processing power than XP but doesn't really do anything better.

I've never really been able to get into Linux. I'll stick with Windows XP, it's pretty stable and does everything I need to do. If Windows 7 ends up being good I'll switch then, but until now I'm sticking to my guns.


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I would like to try out a Linux distribution just to get that out of the way.
You definitely need to try Linux. I have some screen shots up on this forums of what my Linux looks like. Check out this website for different Linux Flavors you can try:
Win ME is by far the the worse OS. Not only was it useless, but it was really broken and never fixable by MS. Vista is 100% better than it was when it first came out and Windows 7 should be better!

Linux is still the best, by far!
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