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TV Most upsetting 24 death? (Spoilers!)


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Who's death in 24 did you find to be the most upsetting?

Caution, spoilers will be all throughout this thread. Be advised. People are not expected to use spoiler tags. The entire thread should be considered a spoiler.

First of all, I almost stopped watching the show entirely after Jack's wife died at the end of the 1st season. That made me so mad.

After I decided to watch it again I also quit for a while after Ryan Chappelle died in season 3. That was such a shock. It really made me hate the show but in the end that's exactly the type of stuff that makes me like a show overall. It was so unexpected and just the opposite of the "happily ever after" mentality that a lot of show writers aim for these days.

So, who's death upset you the most and why?


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Hmm, have you finished Season Five? I'm putting a spoiler tag anyway, haha.

I'm not sure whether it's the most upsetting, but it's the most shocking for me because there was no "preparation" for it. The first few minutes of the first episode of Season 5: Michelle and David Palmer died. Also in the same season, is the death of Edgar Stiles. It was when CTU was attacked by a nerve gas and they closed down some places. He wasn't able to enter the situation room in time.

I don't know where I read it before but they supposedly filmed two versions of Season 1 ending. One wherein the wife dies, and the other where she doesn't. It's sad that she died but it sort of set the tone for me and I know anyone can die at 24 (except for Bauer).


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I was really upset at David Palmer's death.

Tony and Michelle as well, but we see how that's going...


David Palmer and Bill's deaths are two that stand out the most, and that's mainly because they've been on the show for more than 2 seasons.


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After seeing all 7 seasons now I have to update my response and say that Edgar Styles had one of the most shocking deaths in 24. It really surprised me. The fact that all of his friends had to watch made it really eerie and extra sad if you ask me. The writers definitely deserve some kudos for that though because they achieved what they wanted with his death and the way the audience reacted to it.

Another really surprising one was Milo in season 6. That was very surprising and just left me speechless.

I kind of saw Bill's death coming and it wasn't as surprising as some of the others.