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Most stupid thing a cop asked you.


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What is the most stupid thing a cop asked you? When I was younger and smoked pot I had to call the cops for an issue in my place. He noticed a bunch of cigar cases and asked if I smoke pot, lmao. He tried to act all casual too like he wanted me to admit and he wouldn't do shit. I was like, nah, my buddy had them here but I think he just smokes cigars, lol. :lol:


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Wow, they even got to ask questions before they arrest? Last time I got arrested, they just pulled up and said get in, at gun point like I'm being robbed. So, good luck with answering questions.
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lol, yep.

I think since I was drunk when the shit was going down he may have thought if I did I would be stupid enough to say yes. Either way, I didn't have pot in the house at the time so they would have had nothing on me.


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While working my job at restaurant we had police man enter and ask to use the phone to call for locksmith, he had locked his keys in his running police car and did not want to inform his superiors of his mistake.


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"Whatcha got there, sir?"

It's called beer. What the heck does it look like to you?

I hate those kinds of questions.


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lol, dude....

When I live in a bad town me and this chick had been waiting for a bus to the club...

The cop thought the was a fkn whore, lmao/


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While working my job at restaurant we had police man enter and ask to use the phone to call for locksmith, he had locked his keys in his running police car and did not want to inform his superiors of his mistake.
My older sister's late husband Bobby told a similar story, only in that one the cop car was running and the cops asked him to open it because they knew that Bobby had a record of car theft.


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Well a couple of years ago, I had this sweet Pontiac Sunfire which had been completely tricked out. I was pulled over on King George Blvd. and the cop asked me if it was my car. (I guess the guy I bought it off of, had at one point reported it stolen or something) He checked everything - my license, insurance, registration etc and the douche was still unconvinced that it was my vehicle. He argued with me for probably 20 minutes. In the end he asked to see a bill of sale, which was at home, so he followed me there. When he was completely convinced he goes "Sorry for bothering you, miss." What an asshole. Its Vanfuckingcouver, the place is crawling with criminals, but instead of trying nab an actual criminal, the idiot wastes 30 minutes of my time and his.


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So, I was walking into the subway one day because I had to make a trip into Manhattan. Sidenote: because of the fact that I am legally blind, I carry around a half-fare Metrocard that doubles as a photo ID. it took me months to register for that card and, considering how expensive things are in an around the city, its a big help.

So anyway, I go walking to the turnstile to go swipe my card and out of deep left field a-la Bernie Williams comes this police officer and he says to me "excuse me, sir. Do you mind if I take a look at your card? So I say to myself, this guy is doing his job so, I turn to him all respectful like and I show him my card. So after a good 10 seconds of checking my card - and this is where the stupid question comes in, folks - he asks me "are you the one in this picture?"

Granted I had a bit more facial hair on that picture than I did that day but, is it really that hard to tell the pic from the real me? Honestly, I'm the only person that looks like me on this side of Brooklyn. Seriously, guys. I'm the only albino Puerto Rican on this side of the tracks. You can't miss me! lol

So I show him my state ID and he deducts that - yes - I am the same person in that picture, and he lets me go on my way.

*sighs* New York City's Finest, gotta love 'em...lol


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Here's a scene that could fit into a comedy.

I'm walking back home relatively late. Some police car drives on the other side of the street, slows down, then speeds up and makes a sharp u-turn to stop right next to me. I walk up, casual, because I'm so fucking used to being checked by these people even though no one else is.

I look like a goddamn Harvard poster boy, by the way.

Cop rolls down his window, looks at me and says, I shit you not, "Are you the guy we're running after?"


"Oh, okay then"

Rolls up window, speeds off.