Most SATANIC Rocker of all time

Discussion in 'Music' started by ArchiDe, Aug 3, 2009.

  1. ArchiDe

    ArchiDe Registered Member

    We had an argument, on who is the most SATANIC rocker of all time.

    There were bands & indivisual artists involved, such as:

    Ozzy Osbourne, Marilyn Manson, Kiss, Rob Zombie, cradle of filth

    Here's the question: What is your top 5-10 SATANIC bands or artists of all time??!!! :mob:

    You could highlight the reasons those support your rating

    I would give my vote to ........ Ozzy "Period" :devil2:
    Rob Zombie
    Creddle of filth
    Dimmu Borgir
    Children of the Bodom
    Marilyn Manson

    My rating was based on: The message they deliver to the audionce
    The music making
    Attitude in - out stage
    The look

  2. LittleGlassVial

    LittleGlassVial Registered Member

    Kiss isn't Satanic at all. The most "satanic" thing they have going for them is their make-up, which is hardly devil-worship at all. They were hair-metal. They sang about partying and other such things that hair metal bands typically sing about. Ozzy isn't really that Satanic either. I can't think of a single Satan worshipping song from either Black Sabbath or his solo stuff. And dressing in black doesn't count as Satanic, because then I'd be one too. D:

    I don't know much Satanic music. It's...really not my thing. I guess if I had to put in a vote, it'd be like...Marilyn Manson or something. I don't even know if he's a devil worshipper or not.
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  3. Bjarki

    Bjarki Registered Member

    Ancient Ceremony I guess.. wicked band.

    YouTube - Ancient Ceremony-Symphoni Satani

    Another instrumental piece I love is the intro to Heksen by Blodarv..

    YouTube - blodarv "heksen" introvideo

    Root's Pisen pro Satana is a classic:
    YouTube - Píse? pro Satana

    And good old Black Sabbath, although I guess they merely flirt with satanism. After Forever is such a cool song, even though the message is so dubious.
    YouTube - Black Sabbath - After Forever

    I can also recommend Pazuzu's 'And all was silent' album, it's very dark stuff, full of all kinds of evil and mysterious rituals. From infant sacrifices to fornicating with the devil.. or this mesopotiam ritual:

    YouTube - Pazuzu--Invocation Of The Ninib Gates

    Finally, Of the Wand and the Moon's song Lucifer. It's not satanic, but it makes the connection between feeling isolated and sad with the faith of the fallen angel. Brothers in exile.

    YouTube - Of the Wand & the moon - lucifer (speak)
  4. As_Each_Day_Dies

    As_Each_Day_Dies New Member

    Kiss? Ozzy? HA

    My guesses would be Manson, Behemoth, or Slayer(even though they claim nothing about them is satanic, I still disagree)
  5. Jack_Daniels

    Jack_Daniels New Member

    The most Satanic rocker of all time hands down is Gaahl of the Black Metal band Gorgoroth. He is an actual Satanist and once held a man in his house for a few hours, cutting him with a knife and draining his blood into a cup, then nearly forced him to drink it all because the guy tried to mug him. Do a youtube search for Gaahl interview and check out some of his ideologies.
  6. Mason

    Mason phawq

    Listen to bands of the norwegian black metal scene, and then make a vote on what bands are the most satanic. Like honestly, Marilyn Manson? Rob Zombie? even Kiss of all bands? You guys are listing bands that are nowhere near satanic.
  7. Jack_Daniels

    Jack_Daniels New Member

    Yea there are Black Metal bands who kill each other to be more "Metal" than the other bands. There was one case where the fellow band mates of a guy who blew his own head off with a shotgun made necklaces from his skull fragments.
  8. Twitch

    Twitch Registered Member

    Varg Vikernes.

    He killed Øystein Aarseth, a.k.a. Euronymous, his guitarist.

    He also burned churches.
  9. Bjarki

    Bjarki Registered Member

    I think it takes a little bit more to be satanic than burning churches and murdering people. Varg may have considered himself to be a satanist at some time during his life, but he has also pledged loyalty to Odhinn. In my opinion it's nothing more than fancy hocuspocus, I don't think anyone in the scene actually believes in the existence of Satan (or any other dieties.. if there's anybody they worship it's themselves).
  10. Jack_Daniels

    Jack_Daniels New Member

    For the most part I would say that is true, but there are definatley a few people out there who are true Satanists like Gaahl. I don't believe he thinks himself as a god amongst men or anything of the like he appears to be legit and the fact that he doesn't live in a 2 million dollar house and drive Ferraris is testament to that.

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