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Most romantic thing you have tried to do.


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What is the most romantic thing you tried to do for another person, how did it turn out?

The most romantic thing I planned ended up horribly depressing. I was trying to get back together with my ex-fiancee. Anyway, I got us a romantic place to stay for the night, set up candles, got some wine, and spread out rose pedals going to the bed with a card. Anyway, she ended up saying no to the wine, didn't want to use the hot tub, ignored everything I set up, slept with me and told me it was just fucking, and then left around 6 or 7 in the morning for church.


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Wow I'm sorry Sonnilion :(

Most Romantic thing I've ever done was probably flying down to Texas to surprise my then boyfriend for a weekend. I coordinated getting a ride from the airport, tickets to the schools football game, and sneaking into his dorm room when he got back from class....he had no idea.

I wish I could do something that romantic for my boyfriend now, but he lives down the street :(


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When I decided I wanted to marry my current wife, I wanted to do something special to propose to her. So one day, actually in a philosophy class, I wrote her a poem for her. The actual proposition took place on a trip up to Santa Barbara CA, it was raining pretty hard and we ran up to the beach. We took shelter under a tree and I read it to her, got down on one knee, and asked her to marry me. The ring was emerald, matching her eyes which I referenced in the poem.


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It was something that I have actually done recently...I held the door open for my girlfriend while she was carrying the groceries. LOL! Just playing, but honestly I have been friends with this girl for a long time now and out of the blue one day we were having an argument and I told her that I loved her. She asked "What did you just say?" I said "nothing." just trying to play it off and she just came up closer to me and kissed me and she said that she loved me too! That took a heavy load off my shoulders.


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most romantic thing I ever did, was make a card for my boyfriend, for our anniversary. I filled it with pictures of us, and in the centre was a ring. I'm pretty good at poetry, in my own opinion, so I thought of a poem, which I read out to him, which, basically asked him to marry me. He's not traditional in the slightest, so I was really shocked when he said that it was wrong, and ended up getting down on 1 knee to me instead :D


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Oh wow Sonni (sorry for the shortcut, lol), I think that was very romantic. Too bad it didn't turn out well.

My romantic attempt (prolly not my best but it's memorable for me) is when my bf went out of town for a few days work with an environmental NGO (non govt organisation). I couldn't go with him because I was reviewing for my MS compre exams and thought I'll be more disciplined without him around distracting me, haha. Then after day two, he calls me from a sounding really sad and alone. It's also his first time in that town and seems like it's not the best place to amuse oneself.

So the next day, I decided to surprise him and go after him. It means I have to withdraw lots from my bank since I need to buy plane tickets (it's that far) to reach him. I just know which city he is in, the NGO's name, and the first name of his contact person. But I have no clue where it is exactly. I just figured I'll find out easily once I'm there. So I flew, reached the airport and asked the locals (they also have a different dialect I'm not a master of), and no one really knows of this NGO. :lol: I spent the entire day asking around, describing the kind of project the NGO does to strangers, being passed from one office to another.

I was ready to book a hotel for a flight out next day if I have to. Cellphones weren't also popular that time, haha. Anyway we finally identified the NGO and I had some locals driving me to what could be one of their project sites that had a manager with the same first name as I overheard to be the contact of my bf. Then for some reason, before night has fallen, a truck crossed our path and I saw a glimpse of my bf and I'm like "oooh, that's it!" and we tailed the truck hahaha until it stopped. I got out of my vehicule and greeted my bf and he was so much in shock (happy shock) to see me there. He said I'm crazy and he's amazed I even found him but he thought it's one of the romantic things someone has done for him. That night we had a nice dinner with wine and some other romantic stuff in this nowhere town. :)