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This might be a silly thread. But I'm just curious.

Which Country do you believe is the most powerful and why. If US is the obvious choice then please have a second option as well.



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I believe China is currently the most powerful nation.

They have a truly powerful economic complex that has well more than enough to use a significant amount of that might to fuel the worlds largest army of nearly 2.3 million soldiers. That and their economy are well more than enough that if they so choose, can take down whatever they pleased, at least until the UN steps in, and sends a Coalition against them.
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The US is still clearly #1. China might overtake us in a few decades, but they're not there yet. We have better technology, better training, and more experience.


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Economically china is on the verge of overtaking the US. However the state of their society could break at any moment, the capitalist china drains everything they can from the interior and working class, leaving them to poverty and with no conditions whatsoever. Shanghai, hong kong and Beijing are mere facades to the West, of a still very communist and 3rd world country.

Military apart from then US then i would have to say Russia and perhaps china, even if i think South Korea has good resources too.


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The US may not be a hegemon anymore, but it is still unquestionably the supreme power in the world currently. China still has 60% or so of our GDP as measured by PPP, and its citizens have a GDP per capita on average much lower than the US. Still, it is predicted that in economic raw terms, China will surpass us. But, power is complex. China might have a powerful army (but then again, the US has much more research and development and more nuclear bombs), but the US is still a cultural power--our cultural transformed China from a backwater into a nation.

However, China is communist. And when communism falls, if the economy is not ready, they will suffer an economic collapse like in the post-Soviet countries during the 1990s. However, with the increasing privatization of Chinese industry and business, this may not be an issue for long.

Also, China is built on the success of other nations, in large part. It is the king, or close to India maybe, of outsourcing production. If it truly wants to be the most powerful, it needs to be more self-sufficient (although the US could be considered not self-sufficient).

Russia might become superpower-like. Again. It's debatable, considering its population is shrinking, it has a low life expectancy compared to developed nations, and its infrastructure is very much decayed. And the majority of its nuclear arsenal wouldn't function in war, due to outdatedness.


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The United States of America is the world's biggest economy and by far in terms of spending and power the worlds strongest army, the most powerful democracy, and the media center of the world, plus in many ways the center of world diplomacy and foreign relations. This easily makes the USA the world's most powerful country.

China is a close second. It has a large army and immense potential to become the most powerful country in the world.