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Most Overrated/Underrated Players In Raptor's History


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just want this specifically towards the Raptors, or whatever your fav. team is compared to the other thread....


Mike James - Probably one of the worst players to average 20 PPG in a season alongside Ricky Davis. He had a good year here, and I was quite entertained with his antics actually, but he was a cancer to the team at the same time and could really neglect Bosh out of the offense. Just a "good player" padding stats on a horrible Raptor team.

Jalen Rose - I liked him, but he never really was that second option behind Carter that he needed to be. I had high hopes for him, Bosh, Marshall, Alston, and Vince...we had a nice core at the time but Rose had his problems in Toronto too. Mitchell had even brought him off the bench and he hated that role. He was quite the chucker, but I still got love for Rose, just wasnt a good fit here.

Jamario Moon - Total scrub who would just lurk behind the 3 point line rather than slash and attack the rim like he was known to do in his rookie year. He came out of no where to be the team's starting SF and was really the reason why Raptors manged to be a .500 team in 07-08, but he was still pretty bad. Not a surprise he wasn't able to stick around the league after his Toronto days were over.


Jorge Garbajosa - He was the x-factor in that 06-07 season and that injury he suffered really seemed career ending worthy at the time. Al Jefferson ended any playoff aspirations I had. The Bargnani's vasectomy in his rookie year was an issue Raptor fans pointed out as a reason for losing against the Nets as he wasn't healthy at all when playing and it seemed rush coming off such a procedure, but that Garbo injury is what I point out. He would have made such a huge difference. He was a great passer out of the post as well, great bball IQ, he would never make a rookie mistake despite being one in the NBA (mind you he was a 27 yeaar old rook lol). Garbo could even shoot the ball from deep, he really did it all despite not having a true position but rather in that SF/PF tweener role.

Doug Christie - Probably the best defender this team has had (off the top of my head). Made for a good combo guard here too during the early years. Really glad he had a chance to shine even more in Sacramento for those great teams because Christie was a player that could play 3 positions, and made for a solid trio with a young Vince and McGrady on the wings. Christie really meshed well with them despite being a wing player too.

Keon Clark - Real shame to see how his career ended up. Real shame to see all the drug and alcohol issues take a toll on someone too. He even admitted to playing games high, which I find hilarious because Keon was *** awesome to have. Athletic, lanky beast who was a great shot blocker. Keon would've made for a solid starting PF for the Raptors had his personal demons not take effect, but he could really play and never got the credit because of how his career ended up.


The return shall be legenday!
Great posts! And I couldn't agree more with the players you mentioned. Mike James was the king of chuckers and didn't care about the franchise whatsoever. He played for a contract and as soon as he could get out there he was gone. As for underrated, Garbojosa as to be my favourite raptors of all time that wasnt a superstar. He was the ultimate glue guy and as soon he got that leg injury the Raptors fell apart.


The return shall be legenday!
Captain Moroni said:
I always thought Calderon was under rated. that guy was greased lightning.
Offensively he was pretty lights out. Could shoot the ball(free throw, jump shots and 3Pters) at a very high percentage, his assist to turnover ratio was one of the best in the leagues and his leadership qualities were pretty respected. The problem was his defence. He couldn't guard a pile on to save his life, and that really devalued him as a basketball player IMO.