Most overrated Boxers of this pass decade?


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In your mind who do you believe is the most overrated boxer of the last decade?

Thoughts and explanations.


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At the moment just of the top of my head I can of one.

Nikolai Valuav.
Yes he was a champion in the heavyweight division, but it is a division that has been lacking for some time.
On paper he has an impressive record 50 W 30 plus by KO and only two losses, but I never really rated him, he had the power in proportion to his size, and at 7 feet and at his max weight of 323 pounds and a reach of 85 inches he was just to big for a lot of guys to get close to.

From tapes that I have seen he actual skill and style in the ring looked clumsy and at times no better than an amatuer and I honestly think that had he been of the same size as most heavyweights his record would not look that good.


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An interesting boxer that popped into my head when I thought of this topic was Oscar De La Hoya. He was great in the 90's, but I think a lot of people thought he was greater than he actually was in the pass decade.

Curious to know your thoughts about my sentiments?


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I agree somewhat with that.
The man will go down in the history books and for all the right reasons, over his career he faced 17 world champs and won ten titles at six different weights and a gold medal winner in the 92 Olympics, not something to taken lightly.

Sadly his best was in the 90s and you can see the difference in him if you compare fights from the 90's to those in 2000 and onwards.
He was still being named as a top fighter even as late as 08 but if you look at him it is not the same quality as had produced in the past,and all 6 of his losses came from 1999 onwards.

So even though he was a great fighter I think he stayed in the buissness way to long and started to do more harm to his reputation than good, against Pacquiao he looked like a washed out fighter and I think that is what he was, he was in the ring for nothing more than money.


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Aaron Pryor dominated a very weak lightwelter division during the 80's..
The highlights of his career, were the 2 victories over an ageing Alexis Arguello who was fighting 4 weights above from where he started.. Pryor, on the other hand only ever competed at 140 throughout the whole of his career..
The Ring magazine have him listed as the greatest LWW of all time, when at least one of the Arguello victories was tarnished with alegations of cheating, when proven cheat Panama Al Lewis administered a substance into Pryor's water.. He'd been almost out on his feet at the end of round 13, but then after consuming the mixture came out to stop Arguello in the 14th..
All that aside, if you ever saw him fight fringe contender, Gary Hinton, who was one of the very few boxer/movers Pryor ever encountered, then it becomes crystal clear just how overrated he is..


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De La Hoya from this decade. Great in the '90s but wasn't good to watch at all in this decade. Never initiated much action in his bouts and seemed to only be in the ring for a paycheck.

Also, any heavyweight from the last half of the decade. I don't know if they count as overrated because of how bad the division was but I didn't see one good heavyweight tilt since Lewis retired.


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Australian boxer Anthony Mundine was a bit over rated throughout the decade, most of the time he would face no bodies coming into his championship bouts, and I guess his overall muhammad ali type persona is a bit annoying.