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Most overrated and underrated jobs


Free Spirit
Staff member
Hollywood knows how to glamorize the wrong jobs. The ad execs on "Mad Men" have the world on a platter, kicking back with a glass of scotch on the office sofa before taking a client to a fancy dinner. On-screen stockbrokers, lawyers and surgeons also have some of the best and most interesting work around.

Or do they?

The most overrated and underrated jobs of the year - CBS News
Some of the jobs that they claim are overrated I'm not sure I would agree with entirely but they are stressful professions which is why I think some of them took a hit. Overall I think they are right especially with the ones they say are underrated.

If you are currently thinking about a career looking at this list might help you decide what you want to do since it also gives projected job growth in the different fields or shrinkage.

Are you currently in one of the jobs listed in the article? If so do you feel they are right, wrong or somewhere in between? Would you consider one of the jobs listed? Thoughts?


aka ginger warlock
Some time ago I worked as an IT support worker for a sizeable law firm. I did not have that many dealings with the law, I am not a lawyer but I did see what people had to go through on a daily basis. I may never have spoken about the work but you get an idea from everyone what they think of their job and how happy they are just from speaking over the phone.

None of these jobs are in my opinion overrated or underrated because I have never done them and these are such broad terms. If you asked someone for example on a wednesday night at 10pm when they are unlikely to be leaving their office until the wee hours they would probably tell you their job is awful, ask that same person on friday night at 9pm in a bar where they are chilled out and it is likely their answer will be very different, it may not be but having been in bars with lawyers and paralegals on a friday after work the atmosphere is very different. It is all about the person themselves and how they see it.