Most memorable Flair moment....


Where is my Queen?
I know everybody here respects Ric...some more than others...but I am tired of how everybody is going to miss Flair. Let's go ahead and reflect and tell us what is your favorite Flair moment.

My favorite moment was when Ric joined the new four horsemen, with Benoit and Malenko. It was very emotional because the reaction from the crowd was unsurreal when they revealed Ric Flair as the fourth horseman. Then he cut a great promo with Bishoff, with Flair say, "Fire me!!! I am already fired!!!! Fire me!!!! I am already fired.!!!!!" and he takes his coat off and went wild while the horemen had to hold him back.

For some reason this has stuck to me more than any other moments.


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The most memorable moment for me was when he won the 1992 Royal Rumble and won the WWE title for the first time. As a young kid I was so upset because Flair was the perfect heel. Man I hated him back then.