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MLB Most important defensive position


Registered Member
Dickey's Flow said:
It is an undervalued position but wouldn't you say it's the easiest one to learn? Just to mention a few examples, coaches who don't want their star catchers to lose shelf life on their baseball careers get shipped to first base. Positional players who're really struggling at their respective positions move to first base and do relatively well. They do put in a lot of work but they learn relatively quick.
I agree with this. No doubt that playing 1B is not a cakewalk at all, but I don't think it's as challenging as the other positions on the field.


New Member
I sit behind the first baseman at alot of games - there is a nice art to first base that is tough to pick up watching games on tv, so it took me a while to notice.

First is considered easy to learn, tough to master. Guys who can play first are different than true first basemen!

Lots less running, so it is easy on the knees. And not much throwing either, so it can be a spot for a guy with a bum shoulder (lookin at you bagwell!)

But the 1st sacker has to have some of the best eye-hand coordination, the ability to predict even the worst throws, and the scoop talent. Not an easy combo, when they are off even a little on one of those factors it ends up getting by them and into my beer. I warn our first baseman when i go get brews, and get onto em when they let throws get by. "Keep it on the fields kids, we're drinkin over here!"