Most iconic American Superhero?


Flawless Victory
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On the Fourth of July, I of course somehow throw the world of comic books into the mix.

My question to you - who is the most iconic/symbolic U.S. superhero? Is it Captain America, the hero from World War II? Is it Superman, who represents Truth, Justice, and the American Way? Is it someone else?

For me, it has to be Captain America. Cap is a member of the "Greatest Generation" thrown into the modern day, and seems to embody all of the best of what this country can be. He's a good reminder of the good in the U.S. Plus, he's a deep character that doesn't blindly follow orders despite the fact that he literally dresses in the American Flag. What I like about him is that - while he's super strong and has a badass vibranium shield - his truly remarkable and superhuman trait that always keeps the fans coming is his character.


Free Spirit
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It would be a toss up between Captain America and Superman. Both are great but I have watched many more Superman cartoons and movies so I'm leaning towards Superman.



I think that Superman and Wonder Woman are the two most iconic heroes personally. Captain America is good, but until his recent films he wasn't hugely popular amongst the non comic book community. But even without being in any of the new superhero films Wonder Woman remains a huge icon.