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~Most haunted item ever sold on eBay~


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well hi there all you weird eBay fans...
I was just out and abought when i came across this one..
Go and read their story and see if you belive...


Me I'm not gonna buy it(The box I mean)..No way man!!! :lol:
As for the story you never know........

I like the creepy music...Works well for this auction:nod:


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Oh wow...This is getting some major love..
5,402 hits and 40 bids and it's up to 500.00 now..:-o :lol:

I think I would put it 6 feet under in an old concencrated church graveyard..
Some things you just don't mess with...

Well i'll let you all know how this one is doing later...


Wanna play?
Wow....see what a little entertainment does for those bidding fingers?? Just proves once again, if you know how to make your auction exciting and can write a good story....THEY will come!!

BTW....I don't think it's haunted in the least.:shake: