Most Fluid Fight Scenes?


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The style of execution for combat scenes greatly vary. Some of the most clichéd ones are the prolonged preparation for a few attacks and the cycling a repeated image as a filler. Additionally, some fight scenes seem to lack consistent flow, where sometimes the character's actions seem a little sluggish and unnatural at certain points. Also I got this from another site so I can't take credt for this one.

I love the fighting style of Samurai Champloo, because it's always fast and always at the same pace too. Also, the entire fights themselves are unique and don't contain too much repetition.


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I have always thought that in terms of animation and fluidity Samurai Champloo had the best fight scenes.

There are some good ones in bleach but they have flashbacks in midfight and they slow down sometimes while they are powering up. Rurouni kenshin the animation is too dated alot of the fight scenes are stand-stills with speed lines. Samurai Deeper Kyo has just bad animation overall...

Black Lagoon was up there.


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Ya Samuai Champloo was pretty BA. I agree Samurai Deeper Kyo's animation was horrible it was hard to watch. If the animation was better in Rurouni Kenshin then it would be up there because they had some awesome fights in that series even with the not so good animation.


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Bleach and Samurai Champloo, totally.

I also thought Angelic Layer had some cool ones.