Most enjoyable to watch?


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Who do you think is the most enjoyable player to watch and why? It can be someone from any sport, and it could be someone that is retired. But it has to be someone that you have watched at least a dozen times.

For me it has to be Michael Jordan, he was such a joy to watch, the way he could score the basketball in so many different ways, the way that he left you asking How did he do that? the way that he won ball games for his team. The way he carried himself on and off the court. He was so competetive, and played every game like it was for a championship. He practiced like no one else, he believe that you should practice the same way that you play in a regular game, and if you didn't he'd let you know about it.

Man the guy was such a joy to watch,

What about you guys?


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Well I'm a huge runner, track mostly, I love running.

Sport: Track

I'm going to have to say that Michael Johnson is my favorite to watch, he is the current world record holder of the 200m sprint and the 400m sprint, both of which are incredibly impressive to watch, I have seen him tons of times in a lot of different sporting events I love watching him run, anybody who has ever done serious track and has trained for sprints knows just how hard it has to be ro run as fast as he does.

here are a couple of videos

the 200 meter
YouTube - Michael Johnson 200 Meter 1996 Atlanta Olympics

the 400 meter
YouTube - Michael Johnson world record 400 meters

This guy is really amazing.


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I don't want to go off topic here, but I have something to say about Michael Johnson. I don't respect the guy at all and he's afraid of little competetion in my opinion. I don't know if you remember where he had that race against Donavan Bailey, and he was losing and pretended to have a hamstring problem, sorry but that was simply pathetic. He just knew that Donavan would of defeated him. I respect your opinion, but I don't respect the man.

Now back to the topic please.


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I'll just list a player or two from a few different sports.

Basketball - obviously Jordan
Football - Barry Sanders, even though I never liked him. He's the best running back in NFL history
Baseball - Ken Griffey, Jr, when he was with the M's
Other - Lance Armstrong, Andre Agassi, and Tiger Woods (though I'm more of a Mickelson fan)


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I'll go out and say Mario Lemieux. The guy was a freaking wizard with the puck. I didn't see very much of him getting into hockey late, but when I did see him he was still good enough to play and I don't think he should have retired as soon as he did.


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Jonathan Papelbon - Closer, Boston Red Sox

The guy has so much energy and is such a riot to watch. He's got so much enthusiasm and joy for the game, it makes you feel great.


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I wouldn't put Papelbon as most enjoyable to watch, but I have to agree with that it shows that he loves the game so much, he really enjoys playing it and like you said he shows so much enthusiasm.

Mario Lemieux is one of the greatest hockey players to ever live, what he did on the ice was simply amazing, and I have to agree with you when you say he's enjoyable to watch.
Michael Jordan is definitely on my list. He's that rare kind of player where I'll talk about him to my children the way my grandfather used to talk to me about Ruth & Gehrig. I'm not really a big basketball fan but I was lucky enough to be living in Chicago when the Bulls were winning all those championships. I was a MJ fan more than a basketball fan. On a more personal level I don't think it gets any better for me than either of the following 3. They WERE New York sports when I was growing up. Give me a ticket to M.S.G. to watch Mike Richter play in net for the Rangers. When this guy was on, & he was a lot, Hasek & Brodeur had nothing on this guy. Then we'll go to The Bronx to see "The Don of Baseball" Don Mattingly. Intense hustle 24/7 for 9 innings. He hit like a first baseman & fielded like a shortstop. And then we'll pay some tolls & haul it on over to The Meadowlands Sports Complex and feast our eyes on a man who changed the way the game was played. Offenses game planned for him & still couldn't stop him. Triple teaming couldn't hold him. He inspired his teammates as well as 75,000 fans. Before [SIZE=-1]LaDainian Tomlinson was L.T. Lawrence Taylor was. AWESOME!