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Movies Most Embarrassing Shows You Watch


A Darker Knight
What's the most embarrassing show you watch?

I think mine would have to be Hannah Montana. I don't know why I watch it, or why I even like it. I just do. I even remember reading somewhere that this show was targeted for children between the ages of 7 and 14. :-o


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I have seen Hannah Montana, but it also helps that I have a 4 year old girl that loves her. So this gives me a reason to watch. It really isn't that bad of a show.

I caught myself watching the smurfs one day, about maybe 2 weeks ago.


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I'm not really embarrassed about any of the shows I watch now. I guess Kid Nation is probably targeted more towards kids, but it's actually a good show so I'm not embarrassed at all about watching it. I find it quite interesting seeing how the kids interact with each other and what decisions they make.

I watched The O.C. for a couple years though. That's definitely as embarrassing as you can get. :shake:


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As bad as it is im addicted to I Love New York 2. Thats about as low as it can get, but after the 1st episode i was hooked.


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Sabrina the Teenage Witch... I just LOVE that show. When I get home from school I'll watch it if it's on.