Most disappointing players this year

Discussion in 'NBA' started by Celtic Fan, Apr 3, 2007.

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    I am really surprise that Carter is second on the list. He's been averaging 25ppg and he's been the best player on the team, and he's doing everything he can to bring the Nets into the playoffs, it's not his fault that the Nets has sufferered a lot of injuries this season. I don't agree with this guy, and no it's not because I am bias, I just don't think Carter had a disapointing here that's all.
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    Neither do I. Im not a Net nor a Carter fan but I have to say that the guy has put up solid numbers this year and has been a big reason why his team is still fighting for a spot in the playoffs. He is doing half decent this year and I have to agree with MJ when I say that Carter should not be second on that list.
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    it's the lack of desire he puts forth.
    he turns it on from time to time, but he has a tendancy to coast.
    this guy gets paid to follow the NBA, talk to players, coaches, scouts etc.
    he's also not the first person to say Carter is coasting most of the time.
    Sure he puts up numbers, but it's how he does it.

    He could be doing so much more.
    There's no passion, only his sense of self.
    Watch when he bolts from the struggling Nets this summer...
  5. Can you imagine Carter with Kobe's baller-ego and Manu's endless-fire? OMG...he would be scary.

    I've seen this guy come out so think he's about to inherit the NBA...then I watch his next game...eyes WIDE open...and he comes out soft like a satisfied girl??

    WTF is up with Carter? Weirdo.
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    He's a streak player?
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    I'd put Carter as the most disappointing player every year if I was a columnist because he has the talent to be the best basketball player of all time but has the work ethic of a koala. Yes, koalas have really bad work ethic. It's not a disappointment in the sense that it comes as a surprise, but it can be categorized as a disappointment nevertheless.
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    How is VC at #2?

    - Almost 25 ppg
    - 4.6 apg
    - 5.9 rpg (career high)
    - 1.4 orpg
    - Almost 80 % ft%
    - 45 % fg%

    He's THE reason the Nets have a chance to make the playoffs

    I think Elton Brand should be on that list

    - More than 4 ppg less than last season
    - More TO's per game than last season
    - Less bpg
    - Least amount of rpg in his career this season
  9. Babe_Ruth

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    I was thinking about why Vince Carter is on this list and I came up with this. They want to put the struggles of the Nets on someone, and they decided to put the blame on Vince Carter. The Nets franchise was suppose to run away with the Atlantic and because they didn't all the reporters are going to put the blame on the star of the team. Even though it's because of VC that the Nets are in playoff contention. Just because he doesnt average 40 ppg because should get off him. Everyone as their bad games.

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