Movies Most disappointed?

I'd like to add Max Payne. The games were so damn good and the storyline could've worked so good as a movie and then it comes and it's like... eh. It wasn't horrible, but it sure as hell wasn't what it could've been.


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For me I would have to say the movie Dark Water was the worst. I love a good scary/horror film and this one just put me to sleep and was depressing. lol


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To this day, 'Alone In The Dark' had me so excited, mystery, horror, an eerie haunted island, native american superstition, grisly experiements and fear, oh the fear. Then, Boll was attached - then I actually saw it - I died. So much wasted potential for unrelated, derivative and poorly made cliche drivel. :mad:
Other than that, more recently, 'King Kong'. A victim of excess in regards to (sometimes shoddy looking) effects and tried too hard to be epic. Plus, lots of silliness. :(


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I think I'm simply going to sum up and say every film in the past 10 years based off a video game. So far, everything has come up short or begged for viewing apocalypse. I don't think there has been a video game-based movie that I have enjoyed after the first viewing. No exceptions.


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Speaking of video game films, "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" was a huge disappointment. Think i was about 11 at the time and got very excited about anything that had "Final Fantasy" written on it :p

Granted it was visually incredible, but the story was a pile of shite.


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I wanted to laugh my ass off in Semi-Pro. I usually think Will Ferrell is hilarious, but there were just no moments where I couldn't stop laughing. There were hahaha moments, but no :rofl: moments .
^^ It's been a while since I've seen that, but I remember a bear part that had me rolling... but only for a minute or two and that was it. Doesn't hold weight compared to Step Brothers.


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Wall-E. It received great reviews, but I literally spent the first hour waiting for something to happen. And even after that hour, it wasn't particularly special. I was tempted to just stop watching it, but I didn't have anything else to do, and I wanted to see if it ever redeemed itself.