Most Difficult Recipe You've Made?


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What's the most difficult recipe you've ever followed successfully?

I haven't done much cooking so I don't have any impressive recipe's to name. I recently got a cook book though so I can hopefully learn the ropes and be able to make some decent things.
I don't know if I'd really call it difficult, but it was time consuming and still gives me nightmares.
Back when I wanted nothing more than to be 'the good mom' I decided to make home made noodles for the chicken soup.
Maybe if someone had been kind enough to explain the process to me beforehand, I would have happily marched back to the store and purchased a bag-o-noodles for $2.
Do you know you have to lay those limp little strings of dough out to dry? I didn't. (reading a recipe is so fundamental children) My kitchen at the time was cozy, to say the least. In other words, I didn't have enough counter or table space to spread 100's of dough strips out. When my family came home, it looked as though Mr. Pasta had come for a visit and exploded all over the house. I had stringers of dough hanging over lampshades, backs of chairs, on my washing machine, and trails of flour everywhere.

Worst cooking memory ever. Thanks for making this thread and causing me to relive that horrific day all over again Hybrix!:mad:

On a side note: Soup was delicious.


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This one time I tried to bake this lemon ginger cake for some potluck thing. It was confusing. Turns out baking involves more than just throwing all the ingredients in and baking them. I ended up forgetting one part and messed it up. I baked a brick. It tasted ok I guess, but you needed a chainsaw to cut it and steel teeth to chew it. I only bake cookies now.


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I made hollandaise sauce one time. I didn't realize at the time that it was a notoriously difficult recipe because you have to make sure the egg yolks don't solidify as you're heating the sauce. it was successful and freaking delicious.


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Chicken Kiev. It probably took me 3 hours to make, but it was the best chicken I have ever eaten in my life, so it was pretty much worth it.

I had to beat the chicken with a mallet, make the butter herb stuffing and put it in the freezer to set for an hour...then I had to wrap the chicken around it...put toothpicks all in it to make it stay...then I had to do the outer crumb coating...

but it was so yummy.


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oh that reminds me - I made smoked salmon pinwheels last year for Easter. that was pretty difficult. I spread cream cheese on the smoked salmon, threw in a few capers, and rolled them up & secured them with toothpicks. they were kind of ugly; next time I'll be sure to put the salmon on wax paper first, but oh so very yummy. totally worth it.
That sounds yum, Knapp.

The two most difficult things I made so far have probably been (bear in mind I can't cook) risotto aand some chicken thing, where the sauce was the hard part. I have no idea what it was but it turned out good.


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Gnocchi. They look and sound from the recipe as if they are amazingly simple to make, but it's a bitch to get the dough to the right consistency, then cold enough to roll and shape them. Then you have to cook them perfectly or they are rubbery. Tasted amazing though.

I haven't actually attempted a lot of recipes because they look too hard to make, or have huge lists of ingredients. Simple food is the way to go :)


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Seafood Paella. It's not so much that it's complicated but it takes a lot of time and so many little things to do separately. But I'm proud when it was finally cooked. Woot, I feel like a real cook. :lol:


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Seafood Paella. It's not so much that it's complicated but it takes a lot of time and so many little things to do separately. But I'm proud when it was finally cooked. Woot, I feel like a real cook. :lol:

I love paella. the only problem is that I can't get the correct rice for it. I have it at other places and it tastes so good, but I never can figure out what kind of rice they're using.