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Most Dangerous ambitions


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What are some of the most dangerous things you have ever seriously thought about doing or done?
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On my own, I've gone with friends white water rafting on the Snake River near Jackson Wyoming. It was really fun but there were some pretty rough narrow areas.

With my Dad, he has flown me in a Bonanza plane doing aerobatics. We did loops, corkscrews, straight up and straight down.

Stupidly I've driven drunk or high numerous times. That includes with a drunk driver on a motorcycle with neither of us wearing helmets.

I have no desire to do anything dangerous now.


Eye see what you did ther
I don't think I've done anything dangerous to people.

P.S. You should answer your own question.


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For me, I tend to stay on the safe sides of things, never one to temp danger, but there are things I have thought about doing.

I would like to one day parachute down to earth from high up in a plane.

Travel very fast in a car.

Rock climb a steep cliff.

I am not sure I will, or even have chances to do any of these things, but I have thought about them.


still nobody's bitch
I went white water rafting on the Lower New River in West Virginia. I had to sign a waiver that said I understood that death was a risk. It was fun but I can't say I'd ever do it again.

I'm not very daring, I don't really do things that would deliberately put me in mortal danger, nor do I have any desire to.


aka ginger warlock
I have been rafting a few times so I guess that kind of counts. I did want to try bungee jumping many years ago but because I was under eighteen my parents had to okay it which they didn't, these days I wouldn't dare to it... cos I am a wimp :)


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What are some of the most dangerous things you have ever seriously thought about doing or done?
Something dangerous that I would like to do- jump out of an airplane. Sky-diving looks crazy as hell, invigorating, and I am gonna try it someday!
Something that I have done- drive, very fast! I am a speeder, I try to acknowledge how fast I am going and slow it down, but sometimes, I can drive way faster than I should. Especially when I am alone, I find I drive much faster than when I have a passenger. Which is a good point, but still, driving fast is dangerous to other motorists.
Finally a something dangerous I not only thought about, but attempted once before, many years ago, and that is suicide.


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I went skydiving when I was 15, and I would do it again a million times over. I want to do it in different places around the world, for the view.
Went bungee jumping last year, which was awesome. You get such a thrill from that - I got more of an adrenaline rush from that than I did skydiving.
I have wanted to do aerobatics for years, and I will one day. Abseiling I would like to try too.


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Things I've done:
-Swam across a cold lake. I'm not a very good swimmer so I started getting exausted about halfway. Pretty dangerous, could've drowned.
-Slept alone under a bush in the middle of the northern Quebec wilderness with black bears and wolves roaming around looking for a midnight snack. Technically I didn't sleep because there was an ant hill beside me and I had to keep the small fire I made burning in order to keep them away. I ran out of wood a couple of times and had to get up and look for some in the pitch-black of the moonless night. That was a fun night...

Things I've thought of doing:
-Surviving in the wild by myself for atleast a week or two with nothing but a pocket knife, a couple of matches, some thread, and the clothes on my back (including a sweater).
-World domination.


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Dabs....just wanted to let you know I noticed what you said. I'm glad it didn't work.