Most Boring Day of the Week?


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The most boring day for me of the week is today, which happens to be Sunday, there's nothing to do and it's really fucking boring.


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Today has been the most boring day for me this week. I have been so sick that this is the first time all day I have even been able to look at a computer screen. I hate being sick especially since I have finals next week and I need to study!!

Oh well, on a typical week sunday is the most boring day for me too. There is just never anything going on.
I don't really do much, so most days are fairly boring.. fridays maybe not but all the others :-/ meeh... I'll go Sunday too because its the one day I can guarentee I won't be leaving the house even to go see a friend or anything.


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i find wednesdays can suck...coz its the middle of the week coz ur half way in but you still got half of the week to go, also sundays are pretty boring coz there aint anything to do


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Sunday for me as well its just a day to do all the boring jobs around the house that may have built up during the week,its only redeaming thing is sunday dinners.


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Today wins the boring award but it's probably because I don't feel that well. On normal circumstances, I don't like Thursdays.