Most Anticipated match ever


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In your opinion what is the most anticipated match in wwe history?

In my opinion it has to be The Rock vs Hulk Hogan, two of the biggest wrestlers of all time, and it was a dream match up of mine for a long time. I just wish that Hogan wasn't so old when he wrestled The Rock.

But that match had so much anticipation before it happened, no one expected those two to ever wrestle against each other, but it happened at Wrestle Mania and it was great as well.

So in your opinion what match was most anticipated? Please explain your answer.


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Rock and HBK and Angle and Bret Hart are two that I wish happened but never did. I think the anticipation on those would be tremendous. Hogan/Austin is obviously another one. Since you picked Hogan/Rock I'll take Angle/HBK.

Everybody knew those two guys were awesome in ring performers and when they finally got in the ring they did NOT disappoint. Those guys tell a great story and the build for WM21 was awesome.

I thought the build/anticipation for the Undertaker/Kane match at Wrestlemania 14 is also worth mentioning.
Ah, the infamous Rocky hogan match, i was pumped and ready for a great match and what a flop it was. hogan was way past his prime and couldn't keep up with rocky and botched wway to much.

The most anticipated match would have to be Brock vs Goldberg, who didn't want to see this match. It was crap but everyone wanted to see it.


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I hate to say this, but the most anticipated match that I have personally witnessed was Hogan vs Rock. (Got to wash my mouth out with soap now) I was not excited about it, but everybody else was. Me personally I have not really had a match that I really wanted to see, except for Kurt Angle and Bret Hart, that would be fun