Most Annoying Noise


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What is the most annoying noise to you? The one that makes you cringe every time you hear it.

For me, it's the sound of paper being continuously shredded. I just had to shred maybe 100 sheets, and was cringing away from the thing the entire time. Another that gets me is people filing their nails, even the feel of a nail file gives me goosebumps.

I actually don't mind the usual such as nails down a blackboard.
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The exact sound of nails down a blackboard is pretty bad IMO, but it's more imagining the feeling of running your nails down the board. I tried doing it a few times and it was pretty freaking uncomfortable.

High pitched noises annoy me too.


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A baby crying. I was on the bus the other day and this baby was crying for the entire journey. The mother was just sat there ignoring the crying. I didn't even know it was hers until she got off the bus. She wasn't even sat looking at the baby. She was on the seat to the side of him/her.


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Nails on a chalkboard isn't annoying, it's more cringe-worthy. I get goosebumps and all that.

Annoying? Kids talking at the top of their lungs. Basically screaming. And only kids that are old enough to be told better. A baby crying doesn't annoy me as much because I know the baby can't help it. But when a five year old is just talking SUPER loud, and the parents don't do anything to stop it? Ugh! Just today, I was sitting in the outside area of a cafe, and this kid was doing exactly that. She was maybe seven years old. I gave the parents enough dirty looks until they tried to quiet her down. Just annoying!
People chewing. They don't even have to be chewing loudly or with their mouth open, I do realise it's my problem not theirs haha.

Also my alarm clock's noise is really annoying.


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Alarm clocks are definitely up there.

A little kid screeching is probably the worst. They always have an insane amount of lung power.


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I hate the sound of my alarm clock too.

It makes a "Cock-a-doodle-doo" sound so every time I hear it elsewhere I subconsciencely freak out, it's a horrible sensation.

I also dislike the sound of ballons being rubbed together and handled and the sound of chalk sliding down a rusty black board, we've all heard that.