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Most annoying enemy?


4 legs good 2 legs bad
Lambent wretches, or any wretches really, in Gears of War. I hate that screaming.


Most annoying? I agree with Ice, Harpies drive me nuts. They are everywhere and they come in numbers that should be illegal. I completely hate everything about them.

Reapers are a close second. I hated those things as well. Tough little--ish bastards and more than one at a time is no fun at all.


Registered Member
I say pretty much all spam enemies, like the aforementioned Flood and Goddamned Bats. Anything where the developers went "Here, have a metric sh!tload of badguys without the proper means of dealing with them!"

Also, the invincible badguys in action/shooters (they're more forgivable in strat/RPG); you know, the ones where you can shoot them in the eye eight times and they still don't go down, for some unexplained reason. I'm a loyal retainer to somewhat realistic damage scales.