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Most Americans dislike Tea Party: poll


Lion Rampant
It looks better and better for the Left as we head into the all-important 2012 political season. A new Washington Post/ABC News poll bringing a measure of rational perspective to the current Republican cry of "Mandate!" Over half of Americans now hold unfavorable views of the tea party, which is a new high. Also revealed by the poll: 71% of Republicans approve of President Obama's actions in the wake of the Tucson tragedy, while 57% of Americans - a clear majority by any standard - want to see a national ban on high-capacity ammunition clips. (They've already been banned by 45 states, btw.) More Americans also say they prefer the policies of President Obama to those of Congressional Republicans, and fewer than half of Republicans liked the way sarah Palin conducted herself after Tucson.

These are not my opinions disguised as fact, as we often see in this kind of discussion. I'm reading straight from the raw numbers and looking forward to seeing how the Right will attempt to discredit such cut-and-dried information.

Poll: Washington Post (washingtonpost.com)


Embrace the Suck
Discredit such cut-and-dried information? Asking a question about how Congressional Republicans are performing compared to Obama 2 weeks after they take office is cut-and-dried information? I'm still looking for the rational perspective.

If this were a Presidential election year I'd put some stock in this poll. Otherwise it's pretty pointless. At least when it comes to those questions.


not a plastic bag
I think 2012 will be the most exciting Presidential race in 50 years. Obama's numbers are getting better and he will make a good run for it. There will be some fantastic characters on stage, namely Herman Cain and Donald Trump. Hopefully some rock solid Conservatives such as Jim DeMint.


Registered Member
Cut and dried information? It's an opinion poll! That's like sticking your wet finger to the wind and forecasting next week's weather. Honestly Tuck, do you give opinion polls (especially ones from the famously unbiased wapo :lol:) that much credence or are you just employing my tactic of bombastic rhetoric to elicit a response?

Do you have a source on the ban on "high capacity" "clips"? I guess I'm suprised Michigan is one of the 5 that allow them as my .40 holds 17 rounds (16 in the magazine + 1 in the chamber) and is standard on this model. The sticker on the case says not for sale in California (where they prefer criminals to be better armed than law-abiding citizens)