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Multi-Console Most Addictive Game


aka ginger warlock
* I cannot remember if this is a thread that has been posted before either by me or by others so I apologise if that is the case *

One thing I think is lacking in a lot of games these days is replability (I am not sure that is even a word). I am still working my way through Sleeping Dogs but I get the feeling I am near to the end of it and I have been warned the ending of it is not that great, as a result I have been putting it off. The problem is I think that after I complete the story I will not pick it up again, I am not sure it will drag me back in again.

One game that I will always go back to is Age of Empires, I could play that game for the rest of my life and I don't think I would get bored of it, playing against the computer is always something I enjoy, watching what the enemy is doing, forming strategies, figuring the best way to crush someone, I never get bored of it.

The thing as I say is I worry this is lacking in games. Black Ops 2 is coming out soon and the one thing I heard about the original was as good as the first game was no-one went back and played the story but they did play the multiplayer to death.

What is your take on this though? What is the most addictive game you have played and do you think games are lacking a certain something as far as playing them again?


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Gosh. I remember that when I was a kid a game could really pull me in. I don't remember the last time I played a really addicting game. One that stands out in my mind as addicting are the Pokemon games. Those I could, and probably still can play for hours.


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Monster Hunter Tri is the most addictive game I've played in the last few years. Even though all it entails is gathering resources, tracking and killing monsters, and upgrading your gear so you can kill bigger monsters, it has been a lot of fun to come back to again and again.

I think it's the lack of a story in this particular case that has kept me interested. I'm not really sure why as I usually need a compelling story to pull me through a game.
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Dick Tracy was the only game that I was addicted to when I was a kid, it was on the SEGA platform. Good old days.

Nowdays, I am not addicted to games but I like to play them occasionally and they are FIFA 13 and Black Ops.


The only game I've ever personally been addicted to is tetris. And I was addicted to it pretty badly. I've never been addicted to any other game. I find it easy to stop playing whenever I want. Tetris though... it controlled me.


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Most addictive game and most re-playability to me are two different things. Multiplayer games are addictive, but I wouldn't consider playing them over and over as replaying it. I know you go to the same levels but because the people in there are different it is always a different game.

The most addictive game i've played recently would be Starcraft 2. I got sucked into that thing last year I think it was.

As for best re-playablity, i'd go with Fallout New Vegas. Each play through was completely different for me.


The most addictive game I've played in a while is Angry Birds. I even bought the PS3 version. I just love that game. Another one I was really addicted to was MW3. I would cancel plans with friends just to hop on & kill people for a handful of hours. Thankfully a few of them also played the game a lot. Haha.


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For me, when it comes to addictive games, I lean towards Minecraft and the Mass Effect trilogy. I have sunk so many hours into both of them... that it worries my friends and family. XD It's crazy how much I get into games these days.


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I've always gone back to Pokemon or Diablo. I couldn't tell you which one is more addicting. I'm going to settle with Pokemon since as a series, I haven't stopped playing it since the first game.


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At the top of the list, Minecraft and Dwarf Fortress both constantly drag me back, kicking and screaming, time and again. The Elder Scrolls II: Daggerfall also seems to be joining the ranks of games I go back to.

Otherwise, there is not a year that goes by without me picking up and replaying a game or two from both the Final Fantasy and Ulitma series at some point.