PC Games Mortal Online

This game looks frekin' amazing! It's like an MMO Oblivion, but better! Take a look for yourself:

YouTube - Rerollz.com - Mortal Online PVE Gameplay
(Funny video where a minotaur attacks and kills people.)

YouTube - Mortal Online Gameplay Video #5 Exploration
Exploration. And, this video is a MUST SEE. Picture oblivion, but only better. The sky almost looks better than real life sky, and the scenery is just breath taking. Why go outside anymore when you can play this game? The future is here! Haha

However, I'm not getting it... Why? Because it's PvP (player vs player) alongside PvE (player vs environment). Now, maybe it's because I'm TERRIBLE at PvP, because I'm afraid of getting ganked (cheap kill), or because I just prefer PvE. I dunno, one of those reasons. I'm pretty sure it's because I suck and despise PvP, though. Hehe

While I'm not getting this game because of that reason, it does leave a lasting impression on me and hopefully more game designers create games such as this. I think a lot of them are holding back on the epicly awesome graphics due to a lot of people having computers that can't yet support it. I understand, it's a business move and a good move at that. With that said, I do hope within the next decade at least ONE PvE MMO Oblivion-like game is released to the public. I can only imagine how the raid bosses would look like. :drool:

A couple of questions:
1) Are you interested in Mortal Online?
2) Is PvP a factor for you when you are thinking about picking up an MMO? Personally, it's new to me 'cuz being on EverQuest for awhile not a lot of people PvP in those servers. Everybody enjoys the PvE gameplay, and PvP never gets mentioned. Once I left EverQuest and went to ANY other MMO I've notice PvP is a HUGE part in ALL the games I've adventured in. Took me by surprised. =)
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