Morrow replaces Modano as Stars captain



DALLAS (AP) -Brenden Morrow got a new contract last week from the Dallas Stars. Now he has a new title: captain.

The Stars named Morrow their captain Friday, a move that relegated Mike Modano to being an assistant captain with Sergei Zubov. Modano, the franchise's career leader in scoring and games played, had been the captain since 2003.

Interesting that they would take the C away from Modano now....


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
I agree with you, when I first read the headline I was like isn't Modano the captain already, I don't know if Modano had any saying to this, or if it was the coach decision. Either way I am very surprised. I am not saying that Morrow will not be a good captain it's just that Modano been with the team for so long.


For a Free Scotland
I don't like this move, it's going to cause rifts in the team.

Bah, Zubov runs the best power play in the NHL, and has for years. He's a better candidate for the C than Morrow.