Morrison Likely Out For Year With Torn Ligament


Sultan of Swat
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Charlotte Bobcats reserve forward Adam Morrison is likely done for the season after an MRI exam on Sunday revealed a torn ligament in his left knee.

The injury occurred with about 5½ minutes left in the third quarter of Saturday night's 113-93 loss to the Los Angeles Lakers . Morrison was attempting to defend Luke Walton on a drive to the basket and crumpled to the floor in severe pain while clutching his left knee.

"Our medical staff has had a chance to review the MRI, and they're saying right now they believe there is some sort of tear," coach Sam Vincent said Sunday, about an hour before the Bobcats took on Phoenix in the second day of the annual Staples Center shootout.

"Until they get in there and do whatever they do, who knows? But they are saying there's a good chance he will be out for the year. So I'm not counting on him playing," Vincent added.

Celtic Fan

That sucks. I was looking forward to see how Morrison had adjusted to the NBA after getting a yr under his belt.
was he gonna be a total bust or would he get acclimated to the NBA?

now we have to wait 2 yrs to find out. (next yr will be the 'recovering from a serious injury year' and you can't judge him on that)


Sultan of Swat
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I was looking forward to see him play as well, I am sure he will be able to bounce back when he's 100%. Hopefully this won't be an issue for the rest of his career, and hopefully he'll have a successfull and healthy career.


Aw, Here It Goes!
The Cats really could have used him, especially with J-Rich on the squad they've could spread the floor and made it impossible for opponents to double Emeka in the post. But sometimes these things happen, hopefully he can comeback and contribute when he gets his legs under him.