Morneau Wins Home Run Derby


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The Twins Justin Morneau won this years home run derby. But the bigger story was Texas Rangers CFer Josh Hamilton who hit 28 longballs in the first round(which is a new record btw). He wasn't barely getting them over the fence he was crushing them. He hit 3 over 500 feet and one at 518 feet. It was very entertaining to watch.

Anyone else watch the derby? Thoughts?
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It was one of those feel-good moments, really tugged on your heart. The guy had a dark life before now, living from syringe to syringe and finally pulled himself out of it. To be able to return like that, receive such an ovation and the kind of love and support from the players and fans, is quite beautiful.


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Yeah local guy for me he played High School ball about 20 min from me, always nice to see a local guy battle out of what he did to do amazing stuff like he is this season.


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Josh Hamilton had New York Yankee fans of all people chanting his name and eating out of the palm of his hand. That's unheard of. I wish he would have won it all but the show he put on was worth it.

And how about Chase Utley saying fuck you on TV and them not bleeping it out? Hilarious.


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One of the best Home Run Derby's I've ever seen in my life, I couldn't believe how far Hamilton was hitting the balls. That ball he hit 518 feet was amazing to watch.

I am glad that Morneau won because he's Canadian, but I was rooting for Hamilton.

I'm so happy for him though, battling through a huge addiction in the past and now was the highlight of the Home Run Derby. Good for him.