Movies Morgan Freeman Seriously Injured in Car Accident


Certified Shitlord
Heh, curse of TDK eh?

I was just going to post this, too. CNN posted it about 20 minutes ago. Hopefully he'll pull through just fine.


Ms. Malone
Holy crap!

He must have been going pretty quick to flips his car during a correction of over steer, i'm somewhat skeptical.


Guardian of the Light
I sure hope he's alright, he's a great actor and it'd be a real bummer to lose another great actor so quickly after Ledger.

It says that it was a single car accident so I wonder what exactly happened there, he drove off the road and the car flipped over several times.


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The article and video said he over corrected after swerving on the road. The rescue team had to use the jaws of life to get him and his female passenger out. She has remained anonymous so far in news reports.


Alfred :: Gotham Hero
wow, thats sad.

The news is already chalking this up to "The Curse of the Dark Knight".
the news continues to amaze me by how ignorant they can be. "The Curse of the Dark Knight" ???? is it just me, or is that just ridiculous.


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Of course it's ridiculous. The news likes to create additional news out of nothing if you ask me. The fact that he was in TDK shouldn't even be MENTIONED or even HINTED as a reason for this accident. That's all it was, an accident.