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Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Omega, Apr 26, 2007.

  1. Omega

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    According to the Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter, WWE management does, to a degree, look down upon young wrestlers who “overindulge” in a marijuana habit.

    The company believes that marijuana could factor into a wrestler’s lack of desire to get ahead. If a wrestler who has a reputation for a lack of passion also smokes marijuana, he will likely be viewed as a “pothead”—management will likely refrain from giving him a push until he kicks (or hides) the habit.

    The same does not apply to marijuana use by veteran WWE wrestlers. WWE accepts the notion that such wrestlers have proven their commitment to success and, consequently, have “earned the right” to indulge.

    Under its wellness policy, WWE does not formally test for marijuana use.

  2. Vidic15

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    I recon they should test the players.

    Wrestling is a sport and drugs are banned from sports..well yea
  3. andrew_bishop

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    Well you could argue either way. I mean weed is not one of the the steriod type drugs they really try to get rid of in sports but you could also say that since it is a drug that it has to go. I think that they should take it out because it promotes a negative imagine. The WWE has a huge fan base and if some young kids found out that their favourite superstar was high as a kite in a match they might try it , That are I mean come on like Omega said it can take away a superstars interest in going further with their career.
  4. Omega

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    My main problem is that they are cracking down on new wrestlers and not the people that have been around for while that is what really ticks me off. It should not matter ether way i am tired of them playing favorites in wwe.
  5. andrew_bishop

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    Yeah they have to much new talent aboard. Where are the classic guys that I don't despise , I want them back.

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