More trouble for police after G20

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    Some of you rememeber this thread,

    Well it seems to be more trouble in the Met, this time a video showing an officer striking a woman at a protest has been suspended from duty as an investigation takes place.

    BBC NEWS | England | London | Met suspends G20 footage officer

    Unlike in the first case where the guy was hit in the back as he walked away with his hands in pocket, I think this woman deserved what she got, she may not of been aggresive but she was being confrontational and the police officer makes his intentions clear but she persists. You can also sense the tension in the air and you can tell the crowd half hopes something like this will happen so they can get even more jeered up. Maybe it was not the cleverest of moves by the cop but I dont think he over stepped the line of what is permissable.

    you can see the full video here: (its at about the 1:20 mark)
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