More than one application?


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My bf has told me a few times that putting in more than one application for a job (like a bagger or a cashier) will help my chances even if they're not hiring. But should I even try if their not hiring? Do places start hiring around the summer? Are my chances of getting a job with no previous work experience lower than someone who's lost jobs and need to support a family?

I'm so scared and confused. I'm going to college next year, and I can't drive legally. Ughhhh I've tried apllying at numerous places but NOBODY has called me back, once. not once. I feel...... exasperated. :cry:


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They might keep your CV on file if any jobs should come up in the future so it's not a bad idea. At least you're trying.


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I think it's fine to send in an application even if they're not hiring. They will put it in file. When they start to consider openings, yours will be the first in line. I'm not sure about sending several applications for different jobs though (in the same branch) might be better to make a generic cover letter to say what you're open to doing.


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I dont think applying for the same job over and over again is the best thing to do, or applying for heaps of different jobs in the same company. As ysabel said you should add a cover letter and tell them that you'll take pretty much anything..... without sounding that desperate.

I suggest that you put out loads of different applications or CVs to different companies. Just keep sending out to different places like theres no tomorrow and you're bound to get something.