More Pissed Off WWE Stars

We previously reported that Ric Flair was quite upset about being left off the Wrestlemania 23 card. Carlito has nuclear heat for criticizing the WWE publicly for leaving him off the card as well. Add Hardcore Holly to the list of disgruntled WWE superstars upset about being left off the Wrestlemania 23 line up. Holly had postponed elbow surgery as he claimed writer Dave Lagana had told him he was heading into Wrestlemania working a major program with ECW World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley that would culminate at the 4/1 PPV. Holly complained that he put himself in danger of further injuring himself while working with the bad elbow, and worked in considerable pain holding off surgery until after Wrestlemania to be available to work the show at Ford Field. Lagana is blaming outside forces, while outside forces are blaming Lagana.