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More HOF Worthy? Dikembe Mutombo or Ben Wallace


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Are either of these players deserving of HOF consideration? Do you think they are future HOFers?

Both players are tied for most DPOY awards (4).

Wallace probably believe it or not was a more highly regarded defender in his prime. Mainly due to less competition among big men in his era. Mutumbo was probably the more all-around dominant player. How many teams was Wallace undoubtedly the best player on? Deke was the man on several Hawks and Nuggets playoff teams for almost a decade.

Deke gets my vote, especially when we factor in his basketball humanitarian work. Wallace might make it in if we have a light nomination class 20 years from now or something.


The return shall be legenday!
Dikembe was a more imposing presence down low. He altered a lot more shots than Wallace did. Wallace's man-D was incredible. Dikemebe did it for longer though. Realistically, Wallace had four great years and was just solid before and after. Give me Dikembe.


New Member
I think dikembe is more HoF worthy for his humanitarian efforts alone. Also how long he played will give him huge points. And being that basketball HoF is a joke and anyone can get in they will both be in there. The NBA needs to create their own HoF