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Game Cube More Gamecube Games


New Member
I think they nintendo people should come some the same games as wii's for all people that don't have a wii!!!!!:mad:


Registered Member
Umm, if they did that, then there wouldn't be very many good games. Developers would have to lower the quality of the games to allow them to run on the Gamecube. It wouldn't be a smart thing for Nintendo to do.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
You should make a new topic for that next time. They're small to avoid piracy, which is exactly what it accomplished.


Well-Known Member
The discs are really small so that they are harder to copy.
The games for Wii are made for Wii. They wouldn't be nearly as fun without the motion sensor, and Nintendo would make a lot less money.


I am Heavy Weapons Guy
If they made Wii games for gamecube it would lower your desire to actually purchase a Wii so they would have less of a profit from selling nintendo Wiis. Also the games would not be as good quality on the GameCube.