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More French Idiocy


Registered Member
On my recent visit to MSNBC.com I ran across this headline:

France bans term 'e-mail'

Basically, the French government is trying to get 'English" words out of there language.

they have banned the word 'e-mail' , the word everyone uses for electronic mail, for “courrier electronique” which sounds more french...

What i want to know is what the punisment is for breaking that law :laugh:


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good luck to them to kick out every english word they all got used to saying. so what happens if someone says "email", do they get 4 yrs in jail or what? strange folks


From what it says in the article it doesn't look like the "average folk" are banned from saying it. It's just official government documents, websites, etc. are not to use the word and instead use the more "French" sounding phrase "courrier electronique" or the shorthand version "courriel."

It's inetersting, but I can see why they might try to keep some english words from "invading" their language. The French language is a major part of their history and they're probably just trying to preserve it. If you look at the Japanese language, there are quite a number of english words that have seeped into their lanugage (even their term for "video games" is basically "TV game").


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Meh. I still don't see why they give a crap anyway. And they say they're not arrogant....Askiri laughs at that.:lol:


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The French suck. Plain and simple. They hate Americans, so guess what? I will choose to hate them.

Here's a little bit 'o humor for you all, from the other night's Conan O'Brien.

"I've figured out this whole middle east thing. See, what we need to do is take all the Palestinians and move them into France. The French obviously love them since they're too piss-poor to get oil anywhere else and they certainly didn't stand up against Saddam or Bin Laden. So, after we move the Palestinians to France, we grab the French people and move them back into Palestine. The Israelis are good at fighting and have a wonderful air force, so it should be no problem for them to force the French into submission. And besides, it allows the French to do what they're really good at- surrender! So this way, everyone is happy. The Palestinians and the Israelis each have their own homeland, so they don't have to fight, and the world is rid of the French!"


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LOL! That's awesome, I think I'll remember that, I need to save that to something somewhere. And it's so true, and yet so mean spirited.....it couldn't get better if you tried:lol:


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Piabobone thats hilarious!

And yeah the French = morons


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interesting tactic u have there, askiri. although i don't necessarily hate the French, that would be a funny prank to pull...
and it'd probably work out that way too!