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Morals... how much do they mean to you?


aka ginger warlock
I was just watching The Social Network as I have not seen it in some time and it got me thinking about morality. Now we will never know the real story but how do you stand on morals? If you say for example could save someones life by lying would you do it? If someone you knew had stolen something say, money, and the promised to give you a portion of it if you covered their back what you do it?


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Morals mean a lot to me but it does depend on the situation. When you talk about morals in regards to sex I don't go around having sex with random people but I might lie to help out a friend too. So I think it depends.

In your examples I would lie to save a life but I wouldn't cover that persons back about the stolen money, even if I was promised some in return. So I dunno, it depends!


Registered Member
I agree with Millz.

It's all very subjective.

I'm very against lying. I won't lie at all, but at the same time I won't always open up and be honest. Ask me something I'm not comfortable being truthful about, and I'll refuse to answer or find a way to change the conversation.

I'm very against cheating. I don't get on with cheats at all, no matter what their so-called reasoning - yet, I might be more forgiving with a thief who's stolen something to help someone else, or because they're poor and struggling, or maybe even to feed an addiction if they couldn't get access to proper help.

What's morally wrong for me might be morally right for other people, and vice versa.


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I hate a liar as well. So it's highly doubtful I would ever lie to save someone's ass, not even my own. But, to save someone's LIFE, I would probably do just about anything, especially if that person was someone very close to me. If someone stole money, and promised to give me a part of it to not say anything, no, I would not go along with that.


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Morality is a massive topic and yeah, I def agree, it depends on what's happening.

Sex. I would have random sex if I liked who I was with and they wanted to.

Cheating. No way ever. Cheating just makes the cheater stupid (and look stupid) cause they never learn or get better at anything.

Theft. It def depends. Some of the richest people on Earth got rich by theft (and worse). One example:
Consolidating the Empire
They have most of the money and power over everybody's lives. I've never stolen anything but I've never had any reason to. If someone "steals" from somebody rich, fine. But if they steal from anyone else, no, I would not get involved and I would consider it wrong.
But I would NOT "play god". If someone steals it's usually cause they have serious probs that money could help. If that was the issue, I would look the other way.

Lies. No way. Lies hurt everyone, even the liar. But yeah, if it was the only way to save someone's life (or save them from injustice) then yes, I would lie to do that.
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Millz said it all. When it comes to lying, I would support only white lies.
When it comes to stealing I wouldn't support it and the person who did it.
When it comes to sex...well that's where most people have different morals about.
For some it's moral to sleep around, for some others it isn't .
For some it's immoral to lose virginity before marriage, for others this sounds silly.
I don't like the idea of sleeping around but you never know what happens so never say never :lol:

Morals and principles mean a lot to me and mostly I try to follow them.