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Moon & Mars


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NASA will return to the moon by 2020 and build a permanent base by 2024. The base will be at the moon's south pole because it is sunlit three-quarters of the time. Solar energy can be used. The plan is for crews to eventually stay on the moon for periods of 6 months. It will be an international effort, with Europe, Russia and Japan. The mission goal is to set the stage for going to Mars. In 1980, I thought we would be on Mars in my lifetime. It will probably not happen. Space exploration is long term. It involves the whole human species. It may be the 22nd century before men walk on Mars.
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Very cool information. I'm sure this dissapoints registered members of the flat earth society, but hey it's really not a Hollywood conspiracy. :lol:

The next question is - when does the SouthPole Holiday Inn open - you have to know people would vacation there if/when they can. Maybe even a Disney Moonlanding Theme Park (of course a little sling shot action with a roller coaster and you sould be headed to Mars). :-o :rolleyes: :D


That is really interesting.Of course, that would radically change our society if this did happen. It would be a huge change/achievement/leap for humankind. I wonder how long it will take us to fix the planet we aready inhabit, though :-/ No sense in going to mess up another planet if we cant handle our own.


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I'll believe it when I see it. NASA hasn't been getting that much funding and Bush didn't sound too convincing when he did his fake JFK "speech" about the moon and Mars.



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This is possible for NASA with the technology that they have, but i doubt that they will ever get enough funding for a base on the moon. That would cost billions of dollars and even with help from other countries, it seems a little bit far fetched.


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They actually do have the technology to get to Mars but they are unsure of what would happen with humans there, they have to figure out if the people would freeze to death or if they would be fine, right now though it really doesn't matter because they have the rovers there and they are doing fine,