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We had a rush about a year ago or more. Just wanted to put a few invites out there if anyone wants one. Basic idea is they give you a penny to watch an ad and you bet the penny against other players. Now there are lots of ways to boost your penny to several dollars just buy visiting other websites.

invites below:

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Hey Spence how do you get an invites link? I already have an account but I'm wondering how you got that link to send invites. I have some I may as well send as well. :)


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Hi Andrew,
If you click on the referral program button. At the bottom of that page is an auto-invite tool.

I haven't done it yet, but with the site now, you can easily get $20-$30 just for signing up with a few webpages. There is also a huge shopping mall that gives you % back.

i still have yet to cash out. lol. I can't resist going for it all. Sure the $40 games are fun, but, losing it all really sux.
Moola can be addicting! I have invites also if anyone wants one. Once, I got some money in my account because someone under me cashed out. The highest I've ever made it is around the $5 mark. Then I lost it. It's fun!


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Hey, I've also tried It's always fun just to think about the other guy's face when you win the dollar+ games. I've made about $20 so far.


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moola is fun but if moola had a poker room it would be probubly the best site ever created. I have acutally cashed out i would say about 70 dollars from that site so far. I think i still have about 13 bucks in my account. I want new games. Gold rush is fun but the other two just blow because they are too based on luck. Gold rush is luck to with a little bit of skill when you figure it out but I want some poker where skill is much more prevelent.


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I played moola for like 3 days straight at one point, (note that I did sleep and eat normally) I made about $10 playing Gold Rush, I want a gold rush 2 to come out, if it would be good.


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I have played moola for awhile and I think it's very hard to start but once you get going, then you can get a considerable amount of money. The games are fun but they do need more games in there.