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  1. Twitch

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    I recently found this application on the internet, that instead of sorting your iTunes by artist, or song name, it sorts them by mood.

    You go through you iTunes, listening to songs, and selecting a color from this:


    The higher it is, the more intense the song, the lower it is, the calmer. The more left it is, the sadder the song, the more right it is, the more happy.

    The thing I really liked about it, however, was how you could load pre-made moods, so you didn't have to do every single song in your iTunes, which really helped me, because I had over 1,000. I did the premade ones, and it added over 700 moods, i just had to fill in the rest.

    Once you have done your music, you turn off the 'selecting a color changes the mood of that song' and when you select a color, it plays that mood's songs.

    Moody - Mac OS X / Windows app to mood tag your music in iTunes

  2. Iris

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    Would you get this on your iPod? I just recently broke mine. D: All of my music is on the desktop, so I don't really use itunes anymore
  3. Impact

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    This looks like a good idea. I organize some of my music into playlists named by moods anyway, so this might make it easier. Might have to give it a go.
  4. Twitch

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    I don't think you can get it on your iPod, unless it's an iTouch app or such.

    And what do you mean your music is on your desktop? Like every music file is on your desktop?

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