MOOD MUSIC: Sad or happy when happy or sad

MOOD MUSIC: sad when happy or happy when sad?

  • Sad when happy

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  • Happy when happy

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  • Happy when sad

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  • Depends on the type of happy

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When you're sad do you listen to sad music or happy music?

When you're happy do you listen to happy music or sad music?

Both are possible. Examples if you want.

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At any one time i have about 10 songs that i love and will listen to again and again... ill start getting sick of some and replace them every few days/weeks but baiscally what i was getting at is when im feeling sadder or happier than usual (though my mood is pretty constant) ill play different types of songs withinnn those that i really like at that moment.

Ugh, cant explain that well at all :lol: I'll go with i play happy songs when im happy and sad when im sad, cos its not the other way round for sure, its just sometimes i will just listen to any song that i like at that moment, despite my mood.

That was almost painful :dizzy::lol:


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When happy, I play anything because they all sound the same to me...happy.

When sad, I play sad first to accompany my mood, then happy to snap out of it.


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I remember in one of my philosophy lectures we were talking about art and stuff. My lecturer said that people like to hear or see their pain reflected in the external world. I agree and therefore when i'm sad I listen to sad, reflective music.