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Monte Cristo Sandwich


Registered Member
Yea, Ill have to try sometime soon. It would be good with some thinly sliced thanksgiving turkey...mmm.


Food Whore
God i want one of these right now. I've had variations where they use french toast and then make it similar to a grilled cheese.

These sandwiches are what the dining halls on my campus make somewhat well


Heavy Weapons Guy
Mmmmmm. Those are so good. I've only had them a couple of times, but I can still remember...

If you haven't tried one, you must try one.


Registered User
I dont think I would want one for the sole reason, I can't burn off the fat and calories like everyone else. It does sound great though. Maybe on my death bed I will have them get me one. :lol:


Food Whore
I had two yesterday, they were amazing. I still haven't worked the off though.


Registered User
Man, two, that would end my life for sure. Just thinking of them I am feeling my arteries clogging. I need to go eat a bag of carrot really quick. :lol:


That sandwich sounds in-fucking-credible. If I can get my roommates to toss in some money for all those ingredients, I'm gonna make those so hard. Hot sandwiches are the best.