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I was wondering if anyone else here at GF watches the show Monk. If you do what do you think of the show and Mr Monk himself. I dont watch the show a whole lot but whenever I do my eyes are glued to the television. it seems everytime I watch this show I cant get enough of it. Thoughts.


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I love it, it used to be on every afternoon on BBC1.

I can relate to his problems as I also have OCD and that's maybe why I enjoy it so much. It was also on whilst I stayed in Florida, great programme.


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I watch it every Friday when the new episodes come out and then Psyche right after it. I'm going to give Insight something or other a try I think the season premiere is this weekend.

Burn Notice is the bomb too.

USA has really stepped up their programming and I have always watched it but find I will check out there prime time more often than the regular basic channels now.