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I was wondering if anyone else on these forums watch this pretty good televesion show? I don't watch it often but eveytime I do I fall in love with the show. If you've never heard about it i'll explain it later.


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oh..Yeah..I love that show

He is a Clean Freak..Doesnt touch anything with hands only wid tissue..Even his own gun

Clean Freak and he is so funny..Cracks me up


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One of the few television shows I watch. Excellantly written I have watched it on and off since the first episode. And it has just gotten better and better. Even when you thought they were going in the same direction or plot they would change-it up and put a few monkey wretches int he pattern pullin a 180.

Excellantly done the characters are great and easily to relate to and you cant help but love the obsessive-compulsive Monk.


I watch it sometime, the storyline is pretty good and yeah if I watch it I will watch it till the end, the only thing that irritate or I really honestly seriously no doubtfully hate about is his character it is pretty stupid...


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Eh, it's ok. I really don't think it's that funny though.

I can never find it in me to laugh at that show. As far as the jokes go I really don't find them that funny. It just seems kind of dry to me.


Yea! I love Monk. That show is awesome. Did you ever see th one where the girl saw dead people with like screwdrivers in their head and hanging in the bathroom and wierd stuff like that. It was freaky and awesome at the same time.