monitor is not displaying picture


i am having problem my monitor is not displaying picture i checked graphic card and ervery thing which is working fine but still problem is persist
pls help what should i do



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when did you first pick up this problem?

Built a new computer?
Formatted the drive?
any lightning storms?

what type of monitor is it?

does the monitor work with other computers?

does the video card work with other computers?

with the information you posted there really isn't much to say about it. so if I can get good answers to these questions then I might be able to help you.
yes i did every thing which ur asking me, i tried vedio card to another pc and monitor is also working with another pc

pls help me thanks


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Tell me if you've tried all of these combinations. And don't lie, because I know you haven't.

First thing is plug the monitor into another computer and see if it works on there. If not, the monitor is bad and you need another one. If not:

Take the video card/monitor you're unsure about and install the monitor and video card on a fully functional computer. Make sure you install the proper drivers. If you still aren't getting video then one or the other has went bad, for sure.

To test if the video card is bad: unplug the possibly bad monitor from the setup you just created and plug the monitor from the fully functioning system (which is your test dummy right now). If you have no video then your video card went bad and you need a new one.

Problem solved.


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Well my first question would have been is he using the computer that he is typing in this forum to view that picture and then ask if he is just posting spam because I think its bogus but again thats just me.


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How old is this computer? I have a gateway from 2002 that doesn't run anymore because I couldn't get a picture to display on the screen.

Turns out that the motherboard was bad.

I am using the same video card and the monitor from that computer on a recent one that i built.

another thing to try would be to put a new video card in your computer and see if that fixes the problem.

if you don't get a picture even with a new video card in your computer then the motherboard went bad for sure.