Monitor Dependent Screen Saver?


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Does anybody here know of a way to have a screen saver running on just one monitor at a time?

I have two monitors and I don't want to get burnin on my second monitor if I'm not using it, but I use it often enough as I work on projects that it doesn't make sense to turn it off every 5 minutes either.

Any suggestions? If not then I might just have to load up a movie to watch in it in the background. :-/


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I remember checking that out when you mentioned it in another thread. For some reason it didn't work well on Windows 7 at the time so I went with a different one called Display Fusion which was fine for what I needed (mainly dual desktop wallpaper at the time).

DisplayFusion: Multi-Monitor Taskbar and Desktop Wallpaper|Binary Fortress Software

My goal now is a bit more complex though and I don't think Ultramon supports what I am looking for. Basically I want my secondary monitor to go to screensaver if I don't move my cursor on it after X minutes, yet the main monitor would stay NON screensaver. I don't think it's possible but you never know these days.


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One thing to remember is that "screen savers" were actually developed to prevent burn-in on the older CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) type monitors. They were developed to save computer monitors from the same problem that faced many early arcade video games - phosphor burn. The phosphor inside the vacuum tubes had a tendency to burn when left on over an extended period of time because of the bright video signals that were displayed solidly (unmoving) on the screen.
Today's LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) screens don't use the same high voltage (20,000 Volts DC!!) that the CRT's needed to power their internal color guns.
So if you still run CRT monitors, you should definitely use a screen saver. If you have a newer LCD (flat panel) monitor, screen savers actually do little more than take up space on your hard drive.

But to answer your question directly, No. Monitors are like TV's but without tuners. They display only the information sent to them by the signal source. Screen savers are also turned on and off by that source (the computer), as the monitors themselves don't have that capability. So if you have two monitors hooked up to the same signal source, they will either both display the video signal or the screen saver, just not separately.
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It may be possible, but it sounds like something you'd need to program yourself. And I can't imagine it being anything but complicated.


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@Arcadoc, those are good points, but being that this is a secondary monitor, I usually use it for additional windows for whatever program I'm working with. I don't usually need to move these windows or close them. I noticed that since the screen doesn't change that much on the second monitor, when it does every once in a while I notice temporary LCD image persistence. Basically it looks like burn in but it goes away after a while.

I didn't know if it was bad for the monitor or if it could eventually become permanent. Thoughts?


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The problem with what you are trying to do lies with the cursor, when using two monitors your desktop will always be across both screens, you either have to disable the 2nd monitor so the desktop resizes, but this powers off the 2nd monitor & = no screen saver <<<<<thats what I do.

To do what you want to do you must some how tell the computer that tthe desktop is indeed on two screens and only register the mouse movements on each screen independent of each other. I dont know of any program that can do this, Im not sure if its even possible.

Your best solution might just be to use a mediaplayer with some visualisation and f11 it.


since we're talking about monitors, i leave my computer on for 16 hours a day and my 22'' LCD monitor gets over-heated . is it normal? do you leave you computer on for that much? how much does you monitor get heated?