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The Mongol Empire is known for many great things, but there is one above all others, in which this civilization is praised for: their army. The Mongol army was unlike anything ever witnessed before. Under the lead of their founder, Chinggis Khan, the war machine was able to conquer enemy after enemy, with little struggle, and without failure. Chinggis felt barely anything in terms of mercy; so the army would forever be known as a brutal and nasty force, ready to kill all in its path. But why were these Mongols able to defeat every enemy they encountered with ease? Besides, the Mongols were part of a newly formed empire, and their army mixed warriors from tribes across the continent with almost no ties. But Chinggis found a way to create an army capable of extreme slaughter and mass destruction. With the use of advanced weaponry and well-trained horses (and sometimes a combination of both), the strength of arms made enemies yield to their power. In addition, Chinggis made sure that his soldiers were trained from boyhood, and then organized these warriors into different units with specialized abilities. Lastly, the tactics employed by the Mongols were extremely complex, and proved affective in destroying large enemy forces. [FONT=&quot]The Mongol army was a force with rage and ferocity. It was unmatched, and unparalleled by all before it, and is arguably still, one of the greatest powers the world has ever seen.

Does anyone else think they were badass?



For a Free Scotland
Well they were pure horsemen, as opposed to many of the societies they fought which had far fewer horsemen. Their endurance as nomads led to their ability to move quickly, and especially in eastern Europe tactics were minimal in the 14th century.

I think they were the first successful proponents of mobile warfare, and the use of the compound bow made their armies flexible and precise. However, I think their competition wasn't nearly close to their level, and their tribal basis made them terrible administrators (thus their 100 year empire).


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The Mongols weren't all about war. Yes they are most widely known for their violent history, but Chinggis Khan also did a lot of good. He was a leader who pushed for religious freedom, as well as a diplomat for Asia to the Europeans. Khan's reputation in most of the world is in stark contrast to that which is held by the people who still reside in his former playground. He is held in high regard for contribution he made to better society, not for the methods he used to make it.


For a Free Scotland
I think it might have been one of the great wake-up calls for Europe and the Middle East after the Mongols withdrew to elect their new leader...the urgent need to modernize militaries was dire, and the techniques of the Mongols were used both initially in some cases and later in cases of generals such as (only one I can think of off the top of my head) Rommel.